Christina Keffer | Our Family (Menagerie, zoo…potato, potahto.)
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30 May Our Family (Menagerie, zoo…potato, potahto.)

Jake and I have opted to adopt…DOGS. (Heh heh heh.) And a cat. Well technically, we BOUGHT the dogs and adopted the cat. Or maybe it was more like the cat adopted us, and we bought the dogs. Either way. The cat had a choice. The dogs did not.

I’d wanted dogs for basically ever. At least one. Probably two. We finally got the house done and a few months later, I bought my dream dog.

Kaval. He’s an Akbash (look it up.) Big handsome boy, we call him. Also Shithead, Shutup, Shedding!, Derpalope, and Stupid. Here are some pictures of our picturesque but incredibly untrainableĀ guard dog. As a puppy, he allowed my car to be stolen right out from under his gorgeous nose. As an adult, he barks at birds half the neighborhood away, and can’t be walked due to aggression issues. Good thing he has a yard to pee all over!!!

Autumn came a few months later. She’s a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever who hates water, won’t retrieve and is quite possibly the prettiest meep that ever meeped! She is an absolute joy who can’t travel because she gets car sick and who has claimed the bed in our bedroom so thoroughly that when it is…ahem..unavailable, she makes the most off-putting pathetic sad sounds and scratches at the door. Is she my hunting dog? Hell no, she’s scared of loud noises and hates retrieving and water. Is she still awesome? Hell yes, if you meet her you love her.

And last, but god forbid least, is Percival von Kittercat the Third, also known as Chairman Meow for singing the song of his despised people morning noon and night. Perci foisted himself upon us when our house didn’t have doors. He continually escapes, even after last Christmas-time when his escape lead to an amputated limb. Now he hallumphs around the house most dignified. And has tried to escape 3 times since he became a peg leg. Some stupid goddamn felines never learn.

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